Automotive supplies industry, elite forum

A stirring ideas, foresee the future, the participation of industry-wide elite, HC Auto Accessories contractors industry development trend of Seminar on ‘New trends ten years’ CAF2011 Chinese automotive supplies industry elite forum “will be held in Shanghai in September 2011 grand opened, to decrypt the new decade, the development direction of the automotive supplies industry.

New decade, the auto market after the new changes in the face of the automotive industry

Domestic automotive supplies market into the high-speed lane of the time, count the head and tail is less than 10 years, so that automotive supplies market, but it is still a new industry, policies, regulations, standards are not perfect. In this decade, the God an opportunity to those who are prepared. The next decade, the domestic automobile consumer market continues to heat up, especially the increase of private cars, with tremendous business opportunities for the development of the automotive supplies industry, manufacturers have brought huge profits to the automotive supplies. Capitalize on the trend, while the advantage of the opportunity for insight into the automotive supplies industry trends in order to devise strategies, winning thousands of miles.

Big opportunities, competition, the country’s beauty shop, converted shop, 4S shop, repair shops, automotive supplies store, the terminal stores and other less than 100 000 wholesalers tens of thousands. The fierce competition to speed up the process of the survival of the fittest rule, only use the original sets of style and no substance to cope with an increasingly savvy consumer, will beĀ used auto parts ushered in, exit.

In the new decade, the business development needs of the Green Competitiveness

The mall itself, such as game. The product can be imitated, marketing it can imitate; various enterprises for national distributors and terminal stores the same bunch of customers, marketing, final also a systematic increase in the level of competition in the industry as a whole marketing people for marketing shallow cognitive convergence, most enterprises have in marketing, planning, packaging, creative efforts.